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Corporate Communications Executive / Certified Translator


Burcu CELIK graduated from the Department of English Translation and Interpretation, Hacettepe University.

Following her graduation, she worked as a freelance translator for around 2,5 years, and then started to serve as an inhouse translator at a private translation agency.

Predominantly translating texts in Banking-Finance and Law fields in her corporate career, Ms. CELIK acquired extensive know-how and experience on these fields. She is responsible for translating all documents in relation to the litigation processes, especially agreements, contracts, protocols, hearing records, etc. Supervising the external translation process outsourced from time to time, she is also ultimately responsible for checking and approving the outsourced translations.

She plays an active role in reviewing of the documents, disclosed as part of the disclosure procedures for the international litigation processes under the Continental European and Anglo-Saxon Law systems, as well as arranging the document index, and translating the disclosed documents.

Besides translation, she also assumes an important role in maintaining communication with our international clients and business partners. She is also responsible for drawing up the minutes of the meetings held with our international clients and forwarding the minutes to the participants. She also provides assistance and support to our staff members, who need to improve her/his language proficiency level via regular evaluation activities.

As a requirement of her role as the corporate communication executive, she manages our corporate social media accounts and website, creates innovative contents, posts these contents on our accounts, leads the content development team, and follows up the newly-enacted regulations.

She also assumes responsibility for preparation of our monthly Law Bulletin, following up the bulletin contents, performing the visual works, and reaching our bulletin to thousands of subscribers every month.



  • Turkish
  • English