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Cookie Policy of Ozgun Law Office


What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files sent to your browsers installed on your devices such as computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. when you visit a website. When you visit the same website or any other website recognizing such cookies, they allow the website to remember your device.

What Kinds of Cookies are Used by Us?

Dear Valuable Visitor, please rest assured that we, as Ozgun Law Office, attach great importance to protect your privacy and security during your visits on our website (“Site”). Cookies are used just to a limited extent to offer you the best experience and meet your needs during your visit.  

Strictly Necessary Cookies: They refer to the cookies which are strictly necessary to enable the Site to function smoothly, to allow you to visit the Site, and to use some fundamental functions of the Site.

Functionality Cookies: They refer to the cookies which record any information about your needs and preferences, enabling the website to offer you a customized experience.

Performance Cookies: They refer to the cookies used for internal purposes to enable us to offer you a better user experience during your visits on our website. Information captured by such cookies help us understand how visitors use the website, and develop the site contents.

Third Party Cookies: They refer to the cookies defined by third parties for various services available on the Site. Such cookies are sent and retained between the third party servers and the hard drive of your device.


Please find below the strictly necessary cookies, used by Ozgun Law Office, and the purpose of use of such cookies.






Necessary to identify any request received from the same browser during a limited period of session during visits on the Site, and to ensure smooth functioning of the Site.


During the period of session



The Site also uses a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"), namely Google Analytics. This service provider may place cookies and similar technologies (third party cookies) on the users’ computers and other devices, and collect some information to determine the users’ devices such as IP address, unique identifier, and device identifiers. Please click the link below to dismiss the analysis cookies of this provider, and to obtain more information on the privacy policy:

Google Analytics: https://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html


For Which Purposes and How Are Cookies Used?

Cookies help us offer you a better and faster service during your visit on our Site.


1)     Cookies may be used to create some statistics such as the number of users visiting the Site, type of users, frequency of visits, users’ behaviors and habits, the countries of users, etc.

2)     Cookies placed by any third persons (e.g.: cookies used in case of any access to advertisements of such persons on the Site) may be used on the Site to determine the users’ preferences more accurately. All data collected through such cookies may be used to place advertisements or contents appealing to users on any other sites.

3)     The website may be developed, its performance may be improved, and the Site traffic may be controlled in line with the users’ preferences. Cookies may also be used to enhance the functionality of the website through new features offered to users.

4)     Cookies may be used to approve various forms, and to enable you to access the contact and address details of Ozgun Law Office on “Maps” through browsers.


Which Information Are Captured and Processes through Cookies?

Such information as which site users are navigating to the Site, and which site they visit after the Site, the geographical locations of users, their reactions to the advertising banners on the Site, personal information of users provided by them willingly on the Site, their preferences on the Site, and the actions about the Site on social media sites may be captured and processed. You may get informed about which information are/may be captured and processed through some certain applications under the consent provided by you on the social media sites.


Control on Use of Cookies:

You can arrange your browser settings in a manner to give you a notification when any “cookie” is entered your device; so, you have the option to accept or decline the cookies. However, decline of cookies might prevent the Site from performing the functions effectively and efficiently.

You can disable or delete the cookies by changing your browser settings; however, you might not use some features of the Site when you disable or delete them.

It is recommended for you to check the browser settings to find out whether your browser allows you to manage the cookies, or not.

You may find below the guidelines with respect to the instructions for enabling or disabling and deleting the cookies on some popular browsers.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox




The method of changing the option to use cookies changes depending on the type of browser, and detailed information can be obtained from the respective service provider. Ozgun Law Office does not have any liability for browser settings.


Changes in Use of Cookies

In case of any change to our policy on use of cookies, it will be posted here.